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Kind words are few and far between when it comes to Sarah Lacy's keynote interview with Mark Zuckerberg earlier today at the South by Southwest conference. The dozens and dozens of negative tweets started coming in shortly after the keynote started, and have only gotten harsher since then. Here's a selection:

  • jonnygoldstein: did sarah lacey suck on purpose to make zuckerberg look good by comparison?
  • JoynerEmily: so glad to be out of the zuckerberg train wreck. hopefully the afternoon will go better.
  • brendathompson: Lacy's interview w/Zuckerberg truly embarassing (for her) and awkward (for him and for audience).
  • ceonyc: Other potentially better interviewers: The MicroMachines Guy... Helen Keller... My nana (shes 90 and has never used a computer)

Of course, Robert Scoble chimed in, saying "I've never seen such a bad interview of someone on stage here. Totally disappointing."

Lacy herself responded on Twitter, saying "seriously screw all you guys. I did my best to ask a range of things."