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Republican presidential nominee John McCain plays the press well. They love him because he makes them feel wanted and invites them over for barbecues! But then sometimes they get embarrassed and snap back with passive-aggressive attacks like almost saying he fucked a lobbyist. And then Senator McCain gets mad. He gets sooo mad! On his plane today, John McCain yelled at New York Times reporter Elisabeth Bumiller for a full minute-and-a-half for daring to ask him about a 2004 quote to the Times. The most telling exchange came at the end: "Can I ask you about your, uh... why you're so angry?" Aggressively leaning in, McCain replies, "pardon me?" "Nevermind," Bumiller mumbles. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the "John McCain can't keep his temper in check" meme. You'll be seeing a lot of it! Video of the incident after the jump.