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Heroic woman of dance Madonna has been working for almost a year on a documentary about the obscure African nation of Malawi, her pet cause ever since she adopted a son from the country in 2006. The Material Girl tells Interview magazine (in editor Ingrid Sischy's farewell issue) that, at the time, she "didn't know where Malawi was." That's what makes adoption logistics so difficult [NYP]! To further help the imperiled nation, Madonna teamed up with the good people at Gucci for an ostentatious luxury fundraiser that coincidentally also helped to promote the opening of Gucci's flagship store in NYC. And now it's clear that Gucci's commitment has not flagged—they're selling some items that will be very useful for Malawi-bound "jungle doctors":

On the first floor, the Heritage Collection of handbags and luggage seems aimed toward those who aspire to inherited wealth. The centerpiece is a caramelized alligator sarcophagus of a steamer trunk with shiny brass locks such as the viscount might take on a steamship to the colonies, surrounded by smaller components, like a matching jewelry box ($33,250).

The handbags are perfect for jungle doctors bringing quinine and gin to desperate indigenous housewives: muted crocodile and pocked ostrich with lacquered bamboo handles ($3,650). [NYT]

Malawi's per capita GDP: $800.