Bi The Way, a new documentary about that beloved 90s trend of being bisexual, proves that the decade is back in a big way. And only nine years after we said goodbye to the trends of worrying about AIDS and listening to the Black Crowes before reviewing them! The movie even features 90s talking head Michael Musto. Free weeklies may be out, but the Village Voice columnist is back since his Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe spread this week. (Fortunately, filp-flops and socks were never in, so we don't need to worry about that coming back.) Nearly NSFW trailer and proof that the 00s are recycling the 90s, which is also very 90s, after the jump.

The documentary—produced by the gay ex-husband of popular 90s conservative pundit Arianna Huffington—is premiering at SXSW in Austin. The Real World: Austin might have taken place in 2005, but Austin was so 90s, as proved by the Austin-set 90s cult film Slacker.

Bisexuality was an evergreen topic for the MTV soft news documentary, Sex In The 90s. Based on the trailer (and their "100 girls making out" street promotion), this new movie's interpretation of bisexuality — that bi girls are straight girls making out with other straight girls to titillate men, and bi guys are gays who won't come out — is also very, very 90s.

The never ending primary election is asking us, as Americans, whether we want the 90s to come back. Nothing, save the resurrection of Kurt Cobain, is more 90s than Bill Clinton in the White House.

So if Hillary Clinton beats Barack Obama and wins in November, does that mean pagers will become the ultimate ironic hipster accessory? Beep me, dude! Or don't. I actually much prefer the 00s and cell phones.