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At least it wasn't a blackberry. Stalker says she was at NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development when Iman complained that she had to talk for a whole hour. Given, models are not known for their elocution. Sez Iman was a a total "bi-otch"—the closest I've seen to actually calling someone a biotech. Maxim's style guide says it should be beeyotch. How do you spell it? Sighting after the jump.

Sitting in NYU Wasserman Career Center. In the next room, uber-model Iman is going BILISTIC on two staff members because she was asked to speak for "too long" at a career event. Total diva. "An hour is too long. An hour is WAY too long ... Fifteen minutes is long enough ..." She keeps repeating herself and getting louder. Such a bi-otch. Totally just lost all respect for her, and I can smell her perfume out here.

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