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Nicholas Negroponte has come to his senses and realized that he is not a businessman and has no place running the One Laptop Per Child project. "I am not a CEO. Management, administration, and details are my weaknesses. I'm much better at the vision, big-picture side of the house." Yeah, leave the minutae like making a profit and shipping products on time to someone else, and focus on things like going to conferences and schmoozing with Bono. Negroponte's ideal CEO? Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who will "view the world as a mission, not a market." Ah yes. When I think of successfully run, profitable businesses, I immediately think of the UN. Bravo. Whatever. This guy is an academic, what do you expect? Next thing you know, he'll be asking Al Gore to come on board. OLPC critic and Steve Jobs impersonator Dan Lyons has much more to say about this latest development.