Recently Nick D'Urso, manager of New Jersey's Satin Dolls gentleman's club, got a call from HBO asking him to hold off on his planned renovations. You see, Satin Dolls also doubles as the Bada Bing strip club from HBO's stunning, somber, and definitively over mob series The Sopranos. D'Urso swears that he heard legit info that a Sopranos movie could be in the works and HBO is making sure its top locations stay as much the same as possible. Soprano Sue, a crazed fan of the show who did some amateur location scouting for HBO, also says she heard about a movie from a crew member. And that pretty much sucks. If it does happen, it will completely negate the series finale's brilliantly confounding and expressive abrupt cut to black. Unless, you know, it's a prequel or something. Though that would probably involve unfortunate hairpieces and casting new kids and ick I think that would be much, much worse. HBO honors their omerta and says "No comment." Though they seem to like the show to movie idea. A lot. Give it a rest, everybody. [OhNoTheyDidn't] After the jump, that famous final scene.