So last night, I finished God Is Not Great, and thought to myself, Goddamn, booze-soaked former Trotskyite popinjay Christopher Hitchens has done it again. Forget about thousands of years of myth creation, God has no place in our society. But as is often the case with Hitch, I wanted more. And there he was again, on Slate, informing me that today's political discourse is cliché-ridden. Breaking! At this point, I was so high on Christopher Hitchens, I just couldn't stop reading him. So I went to Vanity Fair and read about how women aren't funny at all. Then I started coming down, big time. This guy is so hubristic and self-righteous. But every google search about hating Christopher Hitchens just led me to more Christopher Hitchens writing. I was totally freaking out. But now, finally, there's one-stop shop on the internet where everyone can just hate on Christopher Hitchens. (No, not John Dickerson's Slate column.) Vanity Fair has introduced Hitch Bitch, a place solely dedicated to bitching about Christopher Hitchens. Because that guy just doesn't get enough attention. [Portfolio]