All service in and out of Grand Central station and the whole Metro-North Railroad were disrupted for hours today—because of New York Observer owner Jared Kushner! A vacant building at 124th St. and Park Avenue collapsed just before noon, threatening the stability of a neighboring vacant building. Both properties are owned by Kusher Companies, according to the New York Times. Kushner's spokesman claims the company planned to demolish both buildings tomorrow, conveniently. (HOW awesome would it be if he blew it up for the insurance money!) (Not that we are even insinuating that, obv.) Of course, things fall off of buildings all the time in New York, and sometimes our manhole covers electrocute people, but rarely do buildings owned by budding media magnates actually completely fall over onto commuter trains. And this, as they say, is the least of his current building-related problems.

According to the Post, Kushner's real estate concerns also recently suffered the collapse of a deal with Harvey Weinstein. (We can make that joke because no one was hurt in the building thing, except for commuters, who were merely inconvenienced.) He is now suffering from something of a "credit crunch" and those buildings he used to buy for many millions of dollars are not as full of stores and moguls as he maybe hoped. So the company is paying back loans with its own cash!

Maybe everyone should send him his five dollars back? [NYT]