CNET's supertelegenic Natali Del Conte got a Microsoft-sponsored visit from Entourage star Jeremy Piven to talk up Office Live Workspaces. But as Natali said in an email: "They don't use Workspaces. Microsoft just got them to say that they will. I don't understand why Microsoft would have such a non sequitur way to promote this product. The product is good. Why bother with this nonsense?"

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Indeed, Office Live Workspaces makes Google Docs look like Google 20 Percent of Microsoft Office. It even works on a Mac, so the Entourage guys need only fire up Firefox to use it. If Natali — who since January has appeared on CNBC , The CW, Fox Business News, ABC, Reuters, WNBC, and BBC TV twice before I stopped counting — likes it, what further celebrity endorsement do you need?