Dawn Eden used to compose awesome headlines until she was fired by the New York Post (the Post!) for editing a story to reflect her ultra-orthodox Catholic views. Since then, she's bummed around as a relentlessly self-promoting punk-rock born-again virgin. But here's the thing about Dawn Eden: She's not married. Excuse me for sounding like my grandmother, but what good is a woman without a man? In women's self-help, having a husband proves the self-help is actually helpful since all women care about is getting married. Those Rules bitches were married, which gave credibility to said rules. Of course, that credibility was later undone when one of the authors divorced, but I digress. Yesterday on the Today Show, re-hymened Dawn Eden claimed that being a virgin (again) has taught her "how to make a gift of myself to others." Whatever. No ring, no authority. Video after the jump.