Director Steven Spielberg is going to launch a social network this year for people who've seen ghosts and aliens, according to TechCrunch. (This reminds me of my Baptist-school teacher who thought Spielberg's role on earth was to prepare humanity to accept a demon invasion through Spielberg's alien fiction.) This sounds suspiciously like a boring Internet forum, unless this one comes with annoying zombie apps, which would feel redundant really.

Yahoo even reportedly bailed on the project. Spielberg has other, better projects in new media like his decent-looking video game, so why dabble in the sad world of vanity social networks?

Launching a social network is nothing special; there are scads of bad ones, including several big-budget failures. The Financial Times has its media-execs-only network. Variety has the Biz, a "social network" that's little more than a job board. None of this little world screams "big-time movie producer" to me. The only thing that could justify this is if Spielberg ties the site to his next paranormal film. Sadly his next sci-fi deals with black holes, not UFOs.