Wealth, status, and power exploiting reality series Real Housewives of New York City premieres tonight on Bravo. What can we expect? Judging from the reviews, essentially the same thing as the Orange County iteration (except, you know, colder.) The Boston Globe's Matthew Gilbert is exclaimy and gay about it. The Los Angeles Times, in a spot-on, funny review, writes "Robespierre could not have come up with better revolutionary propaganda — all that's missing is the fake cottage, the shepherdess outfit and the guillotine. Feel free to envy them because they have so much; feel free to hate them because they are so hateful; feel free to laugh at them because they are so ridiculous." Brilliant! New York Times village idiot Alessandra Stanley has a far more obtuse take (where you at, Ginny?), but essentially comes to the same conclusion as everyone else: these creatures are tacky and nouveau, and actual New York "society" wouldn't even dare employ them, let alone welcome them as their own. We'll have a full write-up of the premiere tomorrow. I can't tell you how excited some of "us" are. After the jump, a dignified video of Extra going shopping with housewife Jill.