When Ellen Page strutted onto the stage of Studio 8H to deliver her monologue on this week's episode of SNL dressed like one of the Sweathogs, we didn't pay it much mind. With the benefit of hindsight (and after having seen this skit), maybe our eyebrows should have risen ever so slightly. But, at the time, we were too busy enjoying Andy Samberg's impression of Diablo Cody to wonder about the Ellen Page Sexuality Sweepstakes. While all you bloggers and froggers out there will likely concur that his Diablo didn't quite reach the level of the Diablo impersonator in the Funny Or Die video, we did love the calvacade of blog references that he managed to mix into his impression. The video, along with a complete list of all of the blog-related catchphrases in the making follows after the jump:

"Play it again Samantha, I blog to differ!"
"What's your dental damage, Kermit The Blog?"
"Exsqueeze me for writing you a world-class monoblogue!"
"What the blog are you blogging about, Sonic The Hedgeblog?"

While there were a few more blog puns thrown into the mix (including Blog The Bounty Hunter, Captain's Blog and Snoop Bloggy Blog featuring Nate Blog), the monologue closed triumphantly as an off-camera Diablo Cody howled to the audience, "I WAS A STRIPPER!" Well played, Samberg, well played.

BONUS: As long as we've got you, this week's Digital Short was pretty excellent (and we think likely inspired by the Waking Up From Bad Dreams montage from The Oscars last Sunday), take a gander.