You know who's really hip these days? Michael Eisner. Okay, yeah, Disney's not that hip, but he's not there anymore. Now he's really into this new internet thing and cross-promoting web TV shows on mobile platforms. And he even knows what sounds cool, like he calls his Web studio called "Vuguru."

The latest totally rad production for Eisner will be "The All-For-Nots," a web show about a band trying to take over the world with indy music. Man, high school kids can completely relate to that, plus they like watching TV on the web. "The All-For-Nots," is being produced by the people who did the "The Burg." Eisner's so down with the DIY Brooklyn scene.

Since Eisner knows that young people love social networking, he's going to distribute through Bebo. People totally use Bebo, like my friend who went on a social networking binge joined that site two years ago.

He's not the only media mogul who's down. Ex-Time magazine editor Walter Isaacson is going to make his next book a wiki. He'll publish part of the book online, and let anyone edit it. Because kids these days, they love to collaborate.

And Conrad Black. Conrad Black is in jail. That's so street. And hip!