If you weren't blonde enough to make it to Julia Allison's 27 and Still Single extravaganza last night, there was the free Apes & Androids show at Hiro Ballroom. There was no caffeine-infused vodka, alas, but for an hour the Hiro Ballroom was offering free warm beer. It was classy.

Like Julia, Apes & Androids have a crazy live show. But instead of attempts at demonstrating embryonic self-awareness, they entertain with confetti, glow sticks and David Bowie make-up. The band had everyone dancing unironically.

On a Thursday night, there are only so many free events for fans of small electro/pop bands with good live acts. However big New York gets, it'll always be a small town. I saw a girl from high school and a kid from my Birthright trip. Growing up in Westchester, it's six of one, half a dozen of the other, but still.

I also saw College Humor honcho Ricky Van Veen, who asked that I create a special adjective for him when referencing him on Gawker. In exchange: all the College Humor t-shirts I could ask for. We agreed on "always-Conversed" because Ricky 2 Vs is always rocking out in Converses. And nothing says casual millionaire (or cool high school civics teacher) like a pair of Chucks.

Ex-College Humor colleague Zach Klein was also there. He and I didn't talk enough to settle on an adjective for him, but I'll say this: his hair is always worth discussing.

On my way out, my friend espied Neel Shah, who was also at the Julia Allison party. That guy is bridging two media worlds one night of free drinks at a time.