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Hell hath no fury like a "power lesbian" publicist mistaken for her Oscar-nominated client's mother/love interest. At least that's what Michael Musto learned when his prurient interest in Ellen Page (and our interest in his interest) precipitated an angry call Thursday from ID-PR power flack Kelly Bush:

She wanted me to know that it was SHE who was with Page at the Oscars (though I had been sardonically wondering if it was a mother/girlfriend/whatever). She named a couple of other starlets who also had reps with them at the awards and said it's by no means an unusual practice. (Now I'll have to wonder if THEY'RE gay too.) "I don't know why people are so mean," Bush whinnied in a wounded voice. "It's not mean to wonder if someone's gay," I shrieked, outraged. "But to call her an 'Oscar loser'?" she moaned.

The ensuing contretemps indeed involved retracting the ignominy that dare not speak its name: "I nobly took 'Oscar loser' off the web version faster than Juno gives away her baby," Musto acknowledged today. The move rewards the latest of Bush's humanitarian efforts on behalf of clients including Ellen DeGeneres (for whom she allegedly threatened an animal shelter during DeGeneres' dog-adoption drama last year) and the late Heath Ledger (in whose name Bush recently rallied her client base against Entertainment Tonight) and establishing beyond doubt that Ellen Page was:

1) an Oscar runner-up who

2) did not attend the show with her mother.

We're so glad to finally put this controversy to rest!