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TechCrunch's Michael Arrington and Frenchman Loic Le Meur got into a 140-character Twitter war this afternoon. The topic? The TED conference and French military history. Arrington said TED is lame because he wasn't given a free pass: "I defame anything cool that ignores me, until it stops doing so. it's worked so far." Loic defended the conference: "TED is the best conference... Pay your tickets it's worth it!" Arrington and Loic then claim to "remove" each other from their friends lists and Arrington made some tired jokes about France's inability to win a war.

Le Meur then offered to buy Arrington out of Seesmic, a videomail startup Le Meur founded and in which Arrington has invested and written up in TechCrunch, conflicts of interest and all. I have to think they're joking, and if so, they caught Dave Winer with the gag. "PS: Welcome to MikeA's shit-list. Been here for a while. Not so bad. :-)" That's the best part of this farce so far. I can't wait for the ritualized kiss-and-make-up session.

TechCrunch: TED is such a lame conference. And I'm not just saying that because I wasn't invited. :-)

TechCrunch: regarding TED attacks - I defame anything cool that ignores me, until it stops doing so. it's worked so far.

loiclemeur: @TechCrunch and @Scobleizer TED is the best conference, the only blogger I know going 4free is Ethan Zuckerman. Pay your tickets it's worth it !

TechCrunch: @loiclemeur - id rather spend the money on a vacation. or donating it to Obama.

loiclemeur: @TechCrunch fair enough, don't regret a single $ from the TED cost. Not about news or reporting, very different.

TechCrunch: @loiclemeur - whatever. I'm erasing you from my friends.

loiclemeur: @TechCrunch I am also erasing you from my friends. Actually even blocking you. Please do not ping me anymore.

TechCrunch: @loiclemeur: for your reference:…

TechCrunch: "Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without an accordion."

TechCrunch: France: "They're there when they need you."

TechCrunch: ok, ok, last one.

TechCrunch: i am writing a post. tentatively titled "Microsoft: The EU's ATM Machine"

loiclemeur: @all the french here. Check what @TechCrunch blogs about…

TechCrunch: @loiclemeur "French friends please help me start a global fight against TechCrunch" hahahahahahaha