Oh dear. It seems the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI" for short), which normally just looks into reports of alien abductions or sends lone rogue agents to kill terrorists, has made a little mistake on a big international operation. The Bureau is on the hunt for James "Whitey" Bulger ("BUHL-jah"), the notorious South Boston mob boss, who is believed to be hiding out in Europe. Last year they'd received a photo, allegedly of Bulger and his girlfriend, taken by an American tourist in Italy. So, they showed it on Aktenzeichen XY, Germany's most popular crime show (well, second only to Tokio Hotel's What Is The No No?), and thousands of people began calling in saying they'd spotted the villainous couple.

One of the calls was from a young man who could positively identify the pair and provide their whereabouts. Because they were his parents. Just a regular old German couple. Ooooops. The television network that runs the show says it's not their job to apologize and has passed most of the buck (or, Euro) to the FBI, which took five days to take the photo, which they apparently had no ability to verify whatsoever, off their website. I mean this is all much deserved karmic payback for that WWII thing, but it's still pretty funny. Do you have any Bulger theories? Let's meet at the L Street Tavern to discuss. [AC360]