Our nation's supermarket rags are tentatively dipping their toes into political coverage (with about the same amount of dignity and substance as you'll find on most 24-hour news networks, ZING), proof either that America's celebrity-industrial complex has grown so unwieldy as to demand that everyone in the public sphere be covered in the same inane fashion or demonstrating that people care nearly as much about the fate of our nation as they do about Spears fetuses, and the tabs need to cash in on this new "politics craze." Who knows!

But following on the heels of Hillary's charmingly self-deprecating Us Weekly slideshow, Barack Obama's in one of those amazing "they're just like us" galleries. He poses for photo-ops! He possesses old photos of himself! He enjoys hot sauce! But careful with that last one, chief—you think that'll play in Ohio? We're from the midwest, flavor is for foreigners.

Barack Obama: He's Just Like Us! [Us Weekly]