· "If I could bottle the sexual tension between Bonnie Franklin and Schneider, I could solve the energy crisis." At least that's what Troy Dyer said while watching a One Day At A Time re-run in the seminal Gen X opus Reality Bites. We can only imagine how depressed he would've become at the sight of a menopausal Bonnie Franklin. Even worse would've been the look on his face after seeing the visage of the now irascible Schneider sans his trademark pencil-thin pornstache. Reunions ain't always what they're cracked up to be. However, we think he would've gotten a good chuckle from Arnold Drummond's surprise appearance on the set.
· The next time you make your way to Jupiter, Florida, be sure and stop at the Burt Reynolds Museum! We hear that the cryogenically frozen corpses of his Cannonball Run co-stars, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr, are worth the trip in and of themselves. [Burt Reynolds Museum]
· Everybody's favorite underage film critic, Sexman, is back with a brand new review of Jumper ("It sucked. It sucked major. Rambo 3 was better than that piece of shit.") This goes without saying, but if you are related to Hayden Christensen, you won't want to watch this. [YouTube]
· We stopped watching Fox's Moment Of Truth after two episodes, mainly because it failed to be as sadistically voyeuristic as we had been led to believe. Looks like we stopped watching too early! [Vulture]