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Rachel Zoe, you have been a publicist. And it's not someone younger, less raisin-faced, or (if such a thing is possible) thinner. One Marilyn Heston has emerged, far from quietly, as the go-to-fashion-publicist when designers want to dress for rising stars like Anna Friel, Away From Her director Sarah Polley, she the resume to prove it. 'Member that tighter-than-tight dress Scarlett Johansson's breasts couldn't wait to pop out of when Isaac Mizrahi couldn't wait to grab them? Credit Heston. And those memories of a young Sienna Miller being hailed as fashion's newest darling? Credit Heston as well. And since we always like to keep our readers abreast of tomorrow's names you should know, here's one: Rodo. Nope, not what the kids are calling Frodo these days, but next year's Jimmy Choo. Ya heard it here first. [NY Times]