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Earlier this month, we voiced our concern that Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka McLovin) was in danger of becoming the next "Vote For Pedro" guy. Well, we just learned that a reporter from E! cornered McLovin at the Semi-Pro premiere the other night and asked him to respond to the item we filed. These were the first words out of his mouth:

I mean, [Efren "Vote For Pedro" Ramirez] did a movie with Jack Black after [appearing in Napoleon Dynamite], right? So, that's good."

Actually, McLovin, that wasn't Efren Ramirez who appeared alongside Jables in Nacho Libre. That was Héctor Jiménez. Despite his apparent difficulties in discerning actors with Latino heritages, things do seem to be on the rise with the reigning King Of The Geeks.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: I'm starting a movie with Jack Black in two days. And then I have another movie coming out with Paul Rudd. So, I guess I'm completely different than the Vote for Pedro guy. Is he doing anything right now? E!: Um, I know he goes out a lot. CMP: Hopefully, I have a longer lasting career. That's all I have to say. It's up to you fans to keep watching me.

That's the spirit, McLovin! Although he hasn't been hanging around the Hollywood scene very long, he's already learned one of the golden rules to surviving in this town: when someone is down, it never hurts to give them a good swift kick, especially when said kick improves your standing on the C-List. Long live McLovin, he might just make it yet!