Earlier today I mentioned an NY Post blind item that ran this morning, about a "gossipeuse" (lady gossip columnist) who caught some heat for doing a reality show without her employer's consent. Later on we got a tip that it was Shallon Lester from Rush & Molloy. We managed to get in touch with her and she responded that yes, in fact, she is working on a reality show, but that she totes told her bosses and everything's okay. Phew! But what's the show about?? Could it be like Tabloid Wars, the Bravo reality mess about, uh, well, gossip reporters from the New York Daily News? (Except, maybe, people will watch this one?) Shallon can't say:

I'll be able to talk more about it when the ink is dry. But just picture Tila Tequila's show, but with more herpes (way more) and less morality. :) KIDDING!

Another reality show! Oh it's all so exciting. After the jump, our favorite clip of frutini-loving Hud Morgan on Tabloid Wars.