In a joint report from the departments of Wishful Thinking and No One Actually Cares, US Weekly has cobbled together a wee photo gallery of famous people who have vowed to remain virgins until marriage. You know, like weird Christian people. Who's on the list? Tragically, it begins with Britney Spears, who famously declared her virginity only to hop on Justin Timberlake shortly after. Now if you look up "virgin" in that dictionary of yours, it just says "Not Britney Spears." But who else! Texan singer Jessica Simpson, some model, those doe-eyed rocker boys The Jonas Brothers, and then... Gary Coleman. Yeah I guess he's married and his wife won't bone him. Because, you know, she's in it for the money. Allll those Coleman riches. Sigh (and not in the good way.) [US] After the jump, little old Gary talking about sex. Yay!/Barf