Larry Sinclair, Barack Obama's alleged former gay sex partner, was paid $10,000 by to take a polygraph test, which he failed. Turns out the weird ugly rambling toothless gentleman from YouTube might not be telling the whole truth when he claims he gave Obama a blowjob in 1999! We've been getting odd emails from internet crazy types with AOL email addresses touting Sinclair's claims since we first ran his video last month. The crazies were very excited for his polygraph test, and if he'd passed it, promised him $100k. Related: Dear, we had a kinky three-way with Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul at the Limelight in 1985. (Ron was gentle, Hillary selfish.) Bonus nutty email attached.

Long interview. Sinclair says he's been in touch with NYT, Chi Tribune, MSNBC, and others. Says they "all tell me the same thing. They don't want to be FIRST."

Very believable in the interview. Corrects minor misstatements by the interviewer, comes off as being decidedly NOT political, yet comes off as knowning how the media investigative process works. He doesn't know who Drudge is but knows who David Axelrod is because he's been in contact with the campaign.

Media waiting until story spreads through the right wing internet (after Obama nomination), reaches critical mass, then they can say they were "forced" to talk about it.

Via Dlisted]