Ew! New York mag's Sex Diaries, their attempt at edgy subversiveness (or maybe just pageviews?), is the grossest yet this week. We have the pleasure of meeting a 27-year-old comedian who's into S&M—and his large, unwieldy ego. He lets us know that the booker's wife at the LES comedy club he's performed at "is pretty hot but seems like white trash. Though I would have sex with a girl that is white trash if it came down to it." Careful, dude—there are actually not that many comedy clubs on the LES, making it easy to guess which booker you're thinking of cuckholding. Laugh Lounge, I'm thinking.

DAY SIX 1 p.m.: Talk to Jen online, and she tells me she ordered a cock ring online. Never used one before, but I'm game. Is this a kinky way of her proposing to me, by putting a ring on my penis? 9:40 p.m.: Perform a set at a comedy club. Seven minutes of pure joy. 11 pm.: I talk to Jen online. It comes up that she loves submitting to me, but the idea of using a ball gag freaks her out.

In a word: Whatever!

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