And to whom? For example, Bright Lights, Big City novelist Jay McInerney donated $2,300 to Giuliani. (Oh, Jay. You're still cute, though). Vampire-novelist Ann Rice? $4,600 to Hillary Clinton. The list, compiled by Nick Antosca, after the jump. (In case you're wondering which candidate, say, Jonathan Safran Foer, Judy Blume, or Dave Eggers is supporting financially. Hint: Dean Koontz is supporting some crazies).

Jean Auel—$2,300 for Clinton.
Judy Blume— $2,300 for Obama and $2,300 for Richardson.
Geraldine Brooks— $2,300 for Obama.
Michael Chabon— $4,600 for Obama.
Deepak Chopra— $4,600 for Clinton.
Dennis Cooper (same one?)— $4,600 for Obama and $2,300 for Clinton.
Nelson DeMille—$1,200 for Giuliani.
Dave Eggers—$2,300 for Obama.
Jonathan Safran Foer— $1,108 for Obama.
Jonathan Franzen— $500 for Obama.
John Grisham— $4,600 for Clinton and $1,000 for Obama.
Sara Gruen—$258 for Obama.
Daniel Handler— $2,300 for Obama.
John Hodgman—$250 for Obama.
Tabitha King—$2,000 for Chris Dodd.
Dean Koontz— $4,600 to Mitt Romney and $2,300 to Fred Thompson.
Nicole Krauss— $1000 for Obama.
Tim LaHaye— $2,300 for Huckabee.
David Mamet— $4,600 for Chris Dodd.
Terry McMillan— $2,300 for Obama.
Claire Messud—$300 for Obama.
David Milch (of Deadwood)— $2,300 for Obama.
Walter Mosley— $4,600 for Clinton.
Gloria Naylor— $2,700 for Obama.
Susan Orlean— $2,300 for Clinton.
Sara Paretsky—$586 to Edwards, $250 to Obama, $250 to Clinton.
Marisha Pessl— $450 for Clinton.
Bradley Pierson—$475 for Ron Paul.Richard Preston— $2,300 for Obama.
Anne Rice— $4,600 for Clinton.
Marilynne Robinson— $1,000 for Obama.
Jane Smiley— $500 for John Edwards.
Amy Tan— $4,600 for Clinton.
Binky Urban (super agent)— $2,000 for Obama.
Vendela Vida—$700 for Obama.
Ayelet Waldman— $4,652 for Obama. (isn't that $52 over the limit?)
Jennifer Weiner—$500 for Clinton.
Connie Willis—$277 for Obama
[Nick Antosca]