Was Oscar Winner™ Diablo Cody just being an indie snob when she chose not to sport those infamous million dollar shoes or is she beyond cool for refusing to act as some designer's publicity stunt? After reading her MySpace message in response to designer Stuart Weitzman's offering, we're inclined to go with the latter. Plus, silver shoes decked out in diamonds worth more than her tacky dress would be overkill even for Miss Busey-Hunt. As she put it:

"I must have somehow missed the part where my shoes cost a MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS and my 'choice' of footwear would be publicized nationwide. I honestly thought they were just sparkly shoes. Mr. Weitzman did mention that the diamonds were real when I tried them on, but I'm not Nancy Rockman, Expert Gemologist."

Cody continues: "I didn't, you know, bust out my miniature spyglass and assess the potential worth of my kicks. I'm actually really pissed about this, now that I think about it. They're using me to publicize their stupid shoes and NOBODY ASKED ME. I would never consent to a lame publicity stunt at a time when I already want to hide." We're still a little confused on that whole "nobody asks me" part, considering it sounds like they did, in fact, ask her to come in and try them on. However, we're going to forgive Cody's online rant only because of the ballsiness she displayed on the red carpet (showing off her terribly tacky tatts with pride) and her heartfelt acceptance speech. Speaking of which, did she rip her dress at some point last night? We began throwing dollar bills at our TV set last night when we almost caught a glimpse of Diablo Vadge when she walked off stage last night, but then we realized that the slit might not have been intentional.