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In the business, we don't call it our office. It's an "incall." This is escortspeak for any location where you, the client, come to see us. But will there be red velvet pillows and drapes, or will you find her kid's stroller blocking the door? Here's what to ask.

A service like Sexy K-Bunnies (K for Korean) doesn't give many clues on their website about where they are. You need to ask up front:

  • Is it her apartment, or a motel room off the highway?
  • Amenities. Is there a shower?
  • How safe is the neighborhood?

Follow her instructions to the letter. Like a '90s raver, she won't tell you the precise address until you've confirmed that you're on your way. She'll probably want you to call ahead of your arrival so you don't cross paths with the previous guy.

Outcall escorting is when she visits you at your SXSW hotel room. I'm saving that post for next week.

(Photo by Sexy K-Bunnies)