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After a college, a bunch of kids I knew abdicated the whole "get a job and health care" scene and moved to Argentina. Down there, the beef is good, the rent is reasonable and the dollar is strong. And get this: the low cost of living even extends to recreational and/or habit forming drugs. Low grade coke is cheaper in Buenos Aires than bottled water is in New York.

In South America cocaine is no longer the drug of elite. Due to porous borders, commoners and the indigenous alike are able to enjoy increased the heart rate and euphoria that coke provides. Tourists might have trouble finding the good street stuff, but down there, the toilets flush the other way and three lines go for $6.

Buenos Aires citizens are dying from the excitement. Paco, a smokable cocaine concoction, has created a cycle of party, or street violence, unrivaled in the history of the country.

And what has this job and this health care done for me lately? Nothing. Working like a dog in New York is devouring my life. It's time to head south.

Cheap Cocaine Floods Argentina, Devouring Lives [NYT]