Paul Thomas Anderson, the auteur behind There Will Be Blood, recently had some angry words for Carpetbagger and delightful character David Carr. Anderson, who "can be a real arrogant brat", evidently flipped out on Carr when he overheard Carr saying that Blood wasn't his absolute, super-ist favorite movie of the year. "You know you don't know a fucking thing about movies!" he shrieked at "the Bagger", and added, cryptically, "[Blood is] the best movie of the year. Except for maybe Juno. And Clayton. And Atonement. Other than that, it was the best movie of the year." Well, I guess that's rather diplomatic of him. Though he's still an asshole: "You really think No Country for Old Men...that movie was better than ours? C'mon, do you really believe that?" Yup. A glorious, gifted asshole. Maybe he could take some lessons from Carr, who used to be quite the hard partier, on calming down and being cool. We think Carr's pretty good at it. [Hollywood Elsewhere] After the jump, video of the Carpetbagger kicking off the awards season.