Every once in a while the heavens bestow on us a beautiful shining gift. Something so awesome, so fantabulous, that we can't help but share it with everyone we know. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that gift would include Coolio. But oh, does it ever. Here's a program that puts to shame everything currently on the Food Network and the Travel Channel combined. Take that, Bobby Flay. Look into the eyes of greatness and tremble, Paula Deen. Cookin' With Coolio is here and there's no turning back.

Watch this excerpt from episode #1 where the Ghetto Gourmet teaches you to prepare Coolio Caprese Salad in case your girlfriend "is one of those salad-eating bitches." He claims his recipe is sure to "get the panties right off," and while we haven't put that to the test quite yet, we'll definitely get around to it over the weekend. Until then, we plan to watch every episode of this masterpiece, and we pray that some enterprising TV exec will give Coolio the platform he deserves.