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"Exactly how many women have there been in Gene Simmons' life?" That's the teaser in an ad for the old KISS frontman's reality show, Family Jewels. The new season of the show debuts March 11 on A&E, and the promo campaign for it is in full effect. Which has some people asking: Was that sex tape all a big publicity stunt?

A blogger at The Syndicate raised the question when he stumbled across a huge billboard for Simmons' show going up in downtown Manhattan yesterday. We all know that sex tapes have been strategically leaked for publicity purposes before—sometimes by the celebrity themself, to jumpstart a flagging career, and sometimes by their more anonymous partner, to grab a turn in the spotlight.

On his own website, Simmons said of the tape, "You may have heard or seen garbage that has sprung up from my past. Rest assured the proper legal team is looking at all ramifications and options." But that vague statement would of course not preclude any covert plans to put him in the news on the eve of his show's debut.

And the whole premise of Family Jewels is that Gene is a big-time swinging ladies man who manages to have an "unconventional family" as well. Wacky! It's basically a poor man's version of The Osbournes. So a sex tape could be a nice tie-in. Of course, there's absolutely no way to confirm something like that, unless some new information came out. So it will remain an odd coincidence of timing. If it had been planned, it would have worked like a charm; watch this clip and feel your anticipation rise!