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Former president Bill Clinton cut all ties to his ultimate A #1 bro Ron Burkle because of the fear that the "supermarket magnate" would taint his wife's presidential campaign, what with various sleazy allegations about him floating around the internet. Burkle, who secretly owns Radar, likes to fly around with models and other young women on his private jet, a pastime Bill has also enjoyed. He also has ties to the Sheikh of Dubai! But the thing with the girls is obv more damaging. So, understandably, it was reported all over the place that Bill was no longer doing business with Burkle. But, as the New York Sun explains, he actually hasn't stopped a damn thing.

The reported deal was that Clinton would receive $20 million for ending his partnership in Burkle's Yucaipa. But it turns out, according to Bill's spokesman, that he won't actually take this deal unless his wife ends up as the Democratic nominee for President. It's apparently not a scandal until then?

Maybe that idle speculation by some pundits that Bill is—subconsciously or intentionally—sabotaging Hillary's campaign has some merit. Why would he want to quit riding Air Burkle?

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