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Heartbreaking news out of Brooklyn: Williamsburg has changed. It seems the HIP young hipster area is "no longer a neighborhood, but a destination for debauchery." And the L train to Bedford Avenue—it's no longer a seedy underground passage to hipsterdom. Now it's just a gateway to formerly desolate streets "packed with giggling outer-borough and outer-island 20- and 30-somethings on a night out." [NY Observer] Crap! When did this happen?!?

Nicole Brydson from the Observer used to live in Greenpoint, and now when she goes back, she's not even the only one! Or as she wryly puts it, "I've recently found myself traveling north to Williamsburg and Greenpoint for a night out more often and apparently, I'm not alone!"

Trendwatch! SEA Thai restaurant is so bridge-and-tunnel! Greenpoint has clubs and a bowling alley! And Nicole tells us that, at long last, "with its mix of hipster residue and tragically suburban folk, Bedford Avenue finally completed its transformation into the new Avenue A." Tragic. Let's hope word of this doesn't get out to the hip young hipster crowd attending their musical shows around the neighborhood. It would make them so mad!

Having gotten fed up with all the stumblebums and glitterati roaming the streets of Greenpoint, she says she's now "totally content to return to my quiet, peaceful neighborhood" of Prospect Heights. That's cool but, is your old apartment available? I really want to get in on this Greenpoint thing before it gets spoiled!