Fading "It" boy and Paper magazine blogger Fabian Basabe has, in case you were wondering, been on television before. He was on the E! channel's! mega hit Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. (::blink, blink::) Haha, yeah! Um, but he's doing it again! Being on TV, that is. And this time foreal. Reportedly he's been shooting a reality show pilot called, ahem, The Mean Boys that chronicles his hilarious misadventures with other, uh, mean...boys... Jose Ortiz (who writes for Miami's Ocean Drive magazine) and Nick D'Annunzio (who is some sort of publicist.) This is funny because Fabian, though married to a lady who has a vagina and breasts and everything, is more than likely one of those modern "homosexuals" you keep reading about, and a show called Mean Boys about boys who are mean is very, very gay. Am I right or am I right over here? Whatever. I'm just excited for the scene where Fabian tells Jose to eat those crazy Swedish candy bar things that will make him fat and then Nick feels his boobs and tells everyone it's raining. [Gatecrasher] After the jump, a fun Mean Girls related video!!