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Back in the day, Steve Wozniak developed a game for Atari called Breakout. His friend Steve Jobs sold it for him. Jobs told Wozniak he sold it for $700, and split the proceeds. Actually, Jobs sold it for several thousand dollars and kept most of the cash for himself. Wozniak told Knowledge@Wharton he doesn't judge Jobs based on "these encroachments on personal decency or personal honesty with other people or disrespect of people."

What Steve does on the good side — like the music scenario [in which] we didn't bring just a music device called the iPod, we brought a whole music system: a store that sells it, a computer that manages and organizes it. And an iPod is just a satellite to your computer. Plug it in and it works. You don't have to do anything. You've got to admire Steve for that kind of thinking. Nobody's perfect. [Everybody is] going to have cases where they did something bad to somebody, said something nasty to them and maybe regret it later.