Pete Doherty, rock musician and skinny little skeleton full of drugs, has been asked to model for a line of cheap clothing, and he wants proper payment. The company reportedly offered him $10,000 but, Doherty, who is a pretty pretty flower and not horrifying looking at all, demanded more more more. Six times more, to be exact. "When they said 30,000 [$60K] I nearly had a heart attack. Who does he think he is, Claudia Schiffer?" remarked a spokesman for the company. No, he's not Claudia Schiffer. He's better and important and used to date a famous lady. Babyshambles wants money. Give him more money for precious druggy wuggies. [Showbiz Spy] After the jump, more evidence of Doherty's stunning good looks (maybe NSFW. He says FUCK.)