We've all seen those ads where eerily young-looking versions of actors interrupt their classic movie scenes to hawk Direct TV. But the above installment, in which Kathy Bates reprises her Oscar winning role from Misery, kicks off what we're imagining will be a brand new trend. Instead of interrupting just any old movie scene, Direct TV is gonna start interrupting the most disturbing movie scenes of all time.

Just picture it with us. Dustin Hoffman will tell us about how affordable it is to make the switch from cable while getting his teeth drilled in Marathon Man. Then, Michael Madsen will tell us how easy Direct TV is to set up while slicing off that cop's ear in Reservoir Dogs. But the ad we're most excited about will feature Jodie Foster in The Accused. Right in the middle of that infamous rape scene, Jodie will turn to the camera and say, "Just imagine how awesome this pinball machine would look in high definition!"