Uh oh! Fashion designer and threesome enthusiast Marc Jacobs is being accused of plagiarism. It seems that a little man in a teeny tiny adorable Swedish village is claiming that he owns the rights to a scarf design that Jacbos recently passed off as his own. The speculation is that some American tourist brought the scarf, which was originally designed in the 1950's, back to the States and somehow it made its way to Jacobs' design studio, where it eventually became part of Marc's collections. That's no better than just outright copying, is it? It seems like that's the same thing (sort of) as saying you invented the automobile because you just got hit by one. An honest, diligent person would do a little research, and then credit old Mr. Ford. Or, in this case, Gösta Olofsson. Oh Marcy! Stop with the porn star sex and get with the originality. [Sassybell] Click for larger image.