A while back, we learned of popular right wing hack and '80s relic Ben Stein's upcoming documentary, Expelled. It's about how all the secular Darwinist scientists persecute those people brave enough to speak made-up truths to power. Stein, whose training and expertise in the sciences is limited to a career of unrepentant bullshitting, wishes to give creationists, intelligent design advocates, and other various nutjobs their rightful place in the sun of academia. If you see his movie, though, don't review it.

After Dan Whipple of Colorado Confidential reviewed a preview of the upcoming film, Stein and his producers began forcing everyone who watched the film to sign non-disclosure agreements. When Whipple joined in a telephone press conference promoting the movie, he was a little bit disappointed that all the questions came from the film's flack. (Except, of course, for the questions submitted by "Listen Up TV, a Christian program; the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention; Focus on the Family; and the Colorado Catholic Herald." See? The marketplace of ideas wins again!)

Whipple didn't get to ask his question, but he did get to hear Stein idiotically intone a nonsensical statement about the various things "Dawinism" can't prove, like, uh, gravity. No one in history has ever suggested that gravity is a result of natural selection, as far as we know.

Below, a hilarious video of Bill O'Reilly interviewing Ben Stein about how persecuted all these creationists are. (The question of the origin of life is tackled in the "Unresolved Problem" segment, natch. Bill: "How did life on Earth begin? Religious people believe a higher power created the universe, secular progressives say all kinds of things, but God— is not in the equation.")

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