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Evidence that bobbed, steely Vogue editor Anna Wintour is out of her gourd: She believes that John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are all "superheroes." For being a P.O.W., or a woman, or a black, or whatever. Hey, okay. But one man in fashion is not standing for the whole environment of fear surrounding Wintour, which makes it impossible for anyone remotely connected with the industry to insult her. Giorgio Armani says: Who cares about that crazy lady?

At a fashion press conference [The First Post], Armani said "he couldn't understand why so many people disliked the American Vogue editor; he said he was "indifferent" to her - gasps from onlookers - before changing his mind and saying actually he liked her." Woooooo.... he just could not care less what come out of his mouth. Refreshing, isn't it?

"I was told she said that (the Armani era is over)," he said. "I hope she didn't." Or else, bitch! "What she thinks is a beautiful dress, maybe I don't think is a beautiful dress."

Burn! Other Italian designers are also pissed at Wintour for trying to tell them how to schedule their shows, so American editors wouldn't have to spend so much time in Milan. Shit is expensive over there, after all. But that led Roberto Cavalli to say "I don't need her in my front row." We very much hope this turns into a full-scale fashion war, with appropriate levels of bloodshed.

[Photo via Reuters]