Well, first of all: try posting it on the internets, under your real name, on the Cosmo website! Have we learned nothing about the perils of dateblogging? For what it's worth, our favorite Cosmogirl, recent Smith grad Leo, has tried everything. Including consulting Cosmo's sex articles for advice! (Noooo, girl, those aren't real.) So just how bad was it? Details, plz!

So, when we finally "did the grown-up," recently well...things were less than stellar... I'm not sure I understand why. I mean, everything up until the sex was fine, but when we finally got to it...Let's just say that if there are any crickets in New York City, I could hear them chirping.

Of course, I've been thinking about this non-stop since I've last seen him, and I've given it a lot of thought. So it's not like I'm just writing him off. I even poked around in our [Cosmo] sex articles and found "When Everything's Great but the Sex," but the fact that I didn't even want to picture myself acting out the article's suggestions was a fair clue that things with Josh just weren't meant to be.

Now just how to let him down lightly? Seeing as "you're bad in bed" and "you're too old for me" are both offensive excuses. There's the good old "this just isn't working for me", but I do kind of feel like I owe Josh some respect. I casually asked Christie today for some advice and she wasn't much help, as she jokingly suggested, "You could sleep with him again and say the wrong name in bed. That would get rid of him. Maybe say it before you guys actually get too far into things, just so you don't have to do it with him again." (She was totally kidding, by the way).

We're sure the gentleman in question will find it hilarious.

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