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Gordon Ramsay, you DONKEY. The Scottish-born screaming chef has that "Kitchen Nightmares" show on Fox, where he visits terrible restaurants, screams a lot, and magically transforms them into good restaurants. Nifty! But Gordon, even complete makeovers don't give you the right to kick people out in the middle of their romantic Valentine's Day dinners so you can film your stupid show.

Diners at Hannah and Mason's in Cranbury, NJ had their reservations canceled on February 14, and others were told to drop their forks and get the hell out, because Ramsay and Co. had to finish up their TV work [NJ Star-Ledger].

That's just wrong. Oh, that's so wrong. How many magical Hallmark moments of a lifetime were ruined that night? How many hearts were broken? How many people failed to get laid because of one chef's selfish film schedule? Hard to fathom how pissing off all of the restaurant's best customers will help it succeed better in the future.

By the way, how's your own restaurant empire doing, Gordon? Stretched a bit thin, maybe? Not to worry—your natural ability to make friends should pull you through any rough spots.