There's a new product in the wound-care field called Apligraf, which is running direct-to-consumer ads right now about its breakthrough new technology. Put it on a non-healing wound, and it heals faster. That's nice. But Apligraf is also the Most. Disgusting. New. Product. That has ever been launched. It has a secret: (in a Soylent Green scream) IT"S PEOPLE! APLIGRAF IS PEOPLE! And, my god, it gets even worse:

It is applied to the sore by a physician during a brief inpatient procedure. It eventually integrates into the wound, and helps it heal by encouraging other cells to generate more healthy cells.

The practice has been controversial because the basic material for Apligraf is human foreskin from circumcised baby boys.

Please keep these ad agency people in your prayers.

[photo via Adweek]