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Mom-hating rapper Eminem is planning to publish his memoirs at the ripe old age of 36. Question: Is it really necessary to buy his memoirs when every single one of his albums is an extended exercise in tortured self-examination? We already know all about his family problems, his relationship problems, and his problems with friends getting killed. He made that autobiographical movie too, ya know. Is there a lot more value to add for the rapidly aging Slim Shady fan base?

The publisher, Orion Books, promises the book will feature "numerous unseen photographs, hand-drawn art, sketches for lyrics, notes from journals, as well as an introduction and present-day narrative from the rapper." That translates to some random snapshots, scans of pages from his books of rhymes, and a few intro and outro notes that may or may not be written by Eminem himself.

The last significant news the world at large heard about him was that he was rushed to the hospital and had ballooned in weight, an assertion that may or may not be true. But he's also supposed to be working on a new album at the moment. So why not save whatever leftover dramatic stories there are for that?

Verdict: Unnecessary. For, uh, those of you who had been contemplating buying it.

He should really go back to full time battling.