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Ab-obsessed Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko is busy promoting his new book, which should be called "A List Of Foods For Healthy, Stupid People To Eat." Washington Post pseudotrend specialist Laura Sessions Stepp caught up with Zinc [WP], who, now that he's not busy wrestling with Julia Allison, has plenty of time to fill humanity in on the areas of his expertise: Abs, vanity, and how Maxim sucks!

He surprises:

Stepp: What are (men's) most pressing health problems?

Zinczenko: Number one is their abs.

He advises:

"Let's not treat vanity like a deadly sin. A little more vanity would save a lot more lives."

And he cracks wise-s!

"We did a Harris poll of 5,000 men and women a few years ago. When we asked guys to choose between meeting the love of their life or having sex for six months, 92 percent preferred finding the love of their life. (I think the other 8 percent were probably Maxim readers.)"

Just watch out for the bruising.