New York Magazine's pictures of nekkid Lindsay Lohan are titillating, sure. But more importantly, they are the embodiment of oh-so-many media trends! Like the trend of a glossy magazine grabbing a high-fashion photographer to make shirtlessness upscale (for men and women). Also, the "trend" of serious news outlets exploiting pop culture for massive clicks while still maintaining their "smart" cred. Further, tragic celebrities—living or not— are the best attractions. The Lohan shoot isn't pegged to her funeral, but it's pretty damn grim foreshadowing, considering the Marilyn Monroe theme. Finally, the whole thing provides the same masturbatory value as a hypothetical Lohan Playboy shoot; but with better PR for both sides. Of course, we would never put ourselves above covering the latest sex news. So since is currently crushed under an incoming barrage of clicks from masturbators, we've put the most relevant Lohan pic [by Bert Stern, via New York] after the jump. It's technically NSFW, but hey, it's a holiday!