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The Village Voice will soon be facing a crippling boycott aimed at ending the paper's sex industry ads, if some semi-literate pink fliers littering the East Village have anything to say about it. The improbably located double-sided fliers also call for the automobile industry to stop giving assistance to forced homelessness, and a revamping of prostitution laws: "Greatest prostitution offense; person with AIDS or STD's prostituting patronizing them selves." An interesting viewpoint, certainly. But it's this idea for strip club reform that could succeed in stimulating us economically and otherwise, and may in fact save the world:


Reduce libido sex drive in the topless clubs. Ending the need to full fill sexual satisfaction through prostitution and sexual penetration. In turn providing a social cultural cure against AIDS and STD'S. G-Men

A. Masturbation law in topless clubs repealed; with regulation. Man must not ex pose him self and secretion must be confined inside clothes.